Zari Thread for Aari Work and Maggam Work | How to Buy

Zari Thread is the most widely used material in Aari Work and Maggam Work, as well as design work. When the chain is sewn with Zari around them to complete the design, the blouse design will become more beautiful.

When designed using Thread, the blouse not only looks beautiful but also firm.

Zari Thread
Golden Zari

That is, when the chain is sewn twice with the Zari on the border of the neck of the blouse, the border of the blouse becomes stronger.

It also protects the design and condition of the blouse from change. The blouse is very good to use compulsively on the border of the arms and the front of the neck.

Zari Thread
Zari normal colors

Zari is available in many colors in the market area. Zari will double the beauty of the blouse when designed in the right color to match the color of the blouse.

Zari Thread, commonly used by designers

1. Zari Thread in Shiny Blonde

2. White Zari with a gleaming sheen

Zari Thread
Golden Color Zari

The above two colours are most commonly used.

The glittery Zari in blonde looks very beautiful when sewn with chain stitching in the vicinity of sugar beads and large beads.

More bells will give strength to the extent of moving away from their place.

Zari Thread Handling Technique

Zari Thread
Colors Zari

It also has a yarn-like texture and is widely used in cosmetics and jeweler design, as the Thread is shiny and bright.

Zari needs more attention when it is sewn on the blouse because Thread is very easy to cut. This makes it very important to design very carefully and patiently when sewing chain series with Thread.

Using blonde Zari for blouses with a blonde design will double the beauty. The white Zari thread, which is designed for the silver color, is designed to double the beauty of the white blouse.

Places where Zari Thread is most used

Zari Thread
Copper Color Zari

used during blouse design.

used extensively during saree design. used for beauty when making handicrafts.

used for beauty when making women’s jewelry, used beautifully in children’s clothing, and used in religious products.

Zari Thread is used in the above places.

Zari Thread Market Purchasing Method

Zari Thread
Zari Color Thread

Golden Zari is widely sold on the market in many colors. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

That means when we buy a new Zari thread, we must first see if it has the right color. If the colour is right, there are other things to look out for.

That is, the strength of the Zari Thread should be such that it is not easily scratched, so it is best to use a quality company-based Zari Thread.


Zari thread is an old item that has variations in its texture, can be easily marooned, can easily change color, and may not be suitable for blouse and sari designs.

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