Sugar Bead for Maggam Work and Aari Work

Sugar Beads It is the most widely used material in aari work and maggam work designs, hence the name “sugar ” These beads are as small as how much sugar is broken down, so they are called “sugar beads.”

Sugar Beads
Beads colors

Adding sugar during the design enhances the most beautiful. Unique needles are used to sew the beads.

Beads are available in many colors on the market, and the blouse design is very beautiful when you find any color on the market that matches the design and use it in the design.

The colors of sugar beads

  • Sugar beaded Blondie,
  • beads, white
Sugar Beads
Beads Blue and copper color
  • The green beads
  • Beads in black.
  • Lots of copper beads
  • glass shaped like beads.
  • The red beads
  • Beads in Purple
  • The blue beads
Sugar Beads
sugar beads in blue and blue.

Also, Beads are available in different colors.

beads are easily discolored, so this type of sugar bead should be stored in an airtight box, and if the sugar beaded blouse is kept airtight, the beads will not change color easily for many days.

It takes a lot of patience to sew beads together in the design because the Beads are so small that they need to be sewn well together with a sugar bead sewing needle and sewn into the blouse.

Beads sold on the market are available in many sizes. Usually, beads are very small, but the size of beads available on the market is slightly different.

The beads of high quality companies are very small, uniform in size, and easily accessible to the needle.

Sugar Beads
beads in black and pink.

But non-company beads vary in regulatory sizes. These types of beads have a non-needle structure.

Using these types of beads that are irregular will cause inconsistencies in the beauty of the blouse, so it is best to use the right company-based beads when designing the blouse.

The size of a commonly used sugar bead is 0.5 cm when two or three beads are put together.

Methods of preserving sugar beads

There are generally two types of beads that are easily discolored.

  • 1. Golden-colored beads
  • 2. Copper-colored beads
Sugar Beads
Sugar Beads copper color

The above two beads are easily discolored because they absorb body temperature and easily change color by absorbing chemical molecules in the air.

Those beads with those two colours tend to darken easily. When using these two coloured beads on a blouse, it is essential to be extra careful and to keep them well protected after wearing.

Sugar bead embroidery

Unique needles are usually used to sew beads together.

Needles are used to sew sugar beads.

  • 1. an iron sugar bead needle
  • 2. Insert the beads into the tree using the handle.

Only the above two pins are overused by designers.

sugar beads
sugar beads

The beads should be stitched one after the other, and the beaded beads should be sewn in a chain stitch on the blouse. Look at the photo below to find out how they are placed.

Blouse designers sew only two beads, which means there will be more beads on the needle, only two of which should be sewn first. Then two beads should be sewn together again and then the two beads should be sewn together again.

beads should be sewn together until the design is complete. This is the method of sewing beads.

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