Running Stone for Maggam Work & Aari Work

Running Stone Chains. It is a commonly used material in blouse designs, sari designs, cosmetic designs, and jewelry designs.

These are rich in shining stones. Shining stones are chained together, hence the name “Running Stone Chains.”

Running Stone
Running Stone

Running stone chains are available in many sizes on the market.

1. Stone Chains with Small Stones

2. Stone Chains with Large Stones

3. Connecting the two with stone chains

4. Massive Running Chains

The above sizes are the most available in the market.

Only after considering the size of the running chains suitable for the design should you buy a new one.

Running Stone
Running Stone

Running Chains. The most commonly used designs in blouses are the Running Chains, like this one, after the kundan stones in the blouse.

That is, by using running stone chains after the kundan stones, the beauty of the blouse is doubled without any change.

If you use running chains after designing the kundan stones, the kundan stones do not move easily and stand firmly in the designed place.

Running Stone Chains are available in a variety of colours on the market, but the most commonly used Running Chains by designers are gold.

Running Stone
Running Stone

Also, white-coloured running stone chains are rarely used by designers.

Running stone chains in blouses and saris are widely used in border areas, i.e., these types of stones are mostly used in the design of the back neck and front neck area of the blouse.

Running stone chains are widely used in the border area in hand designs, as they have more strength when used and are more flexible.

Protection Method Using Running Stone Chains

Running Stone Chains are golden in colour and can easily change color, so it is a good idea to keep these types of chain stones in an airtight box.

Also, if the designed blouse has chain strings and is kept in an airtight box, it will be shiny for more days and will look great.

Running Chains. When cutting stones, when designing blouses, when designing saris, when designing jewelry, it is best to take only as much as you need when the chain stones need to be cut.

Running Stone
Running Stone

The correct cutting method is to cut with scissors, leaving the chain as long as it is needed.


Chain stones should be cut with scissors only, as twisting with the fingers will cause the chain stones to come into a tangled state without being straight, which will cause the design to change position and become unattractive.

 How to buy chain reaction stones in the market

When buying chain stones in the market, make sure that their colour is correct; that is, make sure that there are no changes in the blonde when you buy the gold chain stones.

When buying brand new chain stones, the designers will be firm and beautiful without changing the colour for a long time. When buying white-coloured chains, it is important to consider whether the colour of the chain stones is the right one, so it is best to buy only if it is the right one.

 Small designers or small decorative designers should buy and use only the required amount of chain stones, as both the chemical molecules in the air and the temperature in the human hand can darken the luster and blonde nature of the chain stones.

Running Stone
Color Stone

It is best to attach the chain stones only to the blouse, sari, or ornaments. The chain stones should be cut only to the required length. Stitches should be placed on them regularly.

If you do not need to sew on the chain stones, the chain stones in the blouse or sari and decorative items will fall off easily if you think of water while cleaning, so it is better and safer to sew on the chain stones.

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