Maggam Frame | Aari Frame for blouse designs

Aari frame/maggam frame, Aari frame, which is a very important item for all aari designers,

The blouse can only be designed after the frame is tightened, if only the Aari frame is present.

There are many types of frame gum on the market. Some types of frame gum for beginners use the best types of frames for the experienced.

Maggam work Frames 1
Maggam Frames wood and iron

There are a lot of differences in the sizes of the frames, but only the sizes differ in their differences. Designers can use frames according to their ability.

Method of using Maggam Frames.

  • There are two types of frames.
  • round-shaped frames.
  • square shaped frames.

Usually, only circular frames are widely used.

Designers generally use circular frames as they require more space when stitching the beads together when drawing the design.

Maggam work Frames 2
Maggam Frames round shape wood

Square-shaped frames avoid the use of these types of frames as they prevent the designer from drawing pictures without gaps when drawing.

dimensions in frames

Maggam Frames on the market are sold in many different sizes.

  • 16-inch frame
  • 18-inch sized frame
  • 20-inch body

Only these types of sizes are widely used by designers.

Things to look out for when buying frames

The frame should be made of gum wood.

Frame gum made of single wood is very good.

Make sure the frame is unbroken when buying.

Broken frame pastes are becoming a staple, so when buying a frame, it is best to make sure all parts are in good condition.

Maggam work Frames 3
Maggam Frames

Maggam Frame/aari Frame The frame has two parts: the inner structure and the outer structure.

Even if the outer frame is completely circular, there will still be a scrow-type connection in the disconnected area that will be disconnected in any part of the frame.

This type of frame is best suited for frame gum work because the screw is used to fit the blouse into the frame and make it the required size.

How to fit a blouse on a frame

The blouse is very easy to fit on the frame. This requires following certain steps.

First take the frame, divide the inner structure of the frame and the circular frame in the outer structure into two, and spread the blouse cloth wide over the frame in one pattern.

After spreading the blouse fabric well so that there are no wrinkles, take another circular frame and place it on the fabric to match the circular frame at the bottom.

Press and hold the circular frame above exactly to fit the circular frame at the bottom as well, and now make sure the two circular frames fit the fabric correctly between themselves.

Maggam work Frames 4
Maggam Frames

Now the fabric is fitted on the frame, but it is not so easy to design the blouse when the blouse on the inside of the frame is so low that it is less,

The design can be done beautifully, simply, and quickly only if the blouse is tightened on the inside of the frame, so the blouse should be pulled tight so that it is well tightened on the inside of the frame.

maggam work blouse designs, and aari work blouse designs using materials, blouse cutting and stitching methods above all details in this article

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