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The needle is a very important tool in Aari work. Only those who know how to handle the needle properly can give beautiful designs. Aari’s work and maggam work designs are based on the needle.

Needles for blouse designs 4
Needles for blouse designs 4

Needle are sold in various forms on the market.

  • Iron needle
  • Needle with a wood handle

It is sold in two variants.

A variety of stitches are made using a needle.

Needles are used in many ways in the design of the blouse.

Needles for blouse designs 3
Needles for blouse designs 3

Unique needles are used for each stitch where the stitches are diversified.

That is, a type of needle is used to sew the beads together.

Zari is another type of needle used to sew, like a chain stitch.

Different types of needles are used to sew with materials like Zardosi.

Needles are purchased with numbers when purchased on the market.

Needles for blouse designs 5
Needles for blouse designs 5
  • Needle size 0.5
  • Needle No. 0.7

Designers often use needle with the numbers mentioned above.


When buying , you should look at the tip sharply. Only if the edges are correct will the general speed and working rate of the designs be good. If the tip is not correct, you cannot design.

Methods of handling needle

Handling the needle requires patience, focus, and experience.

Needles for blouse designs 2
Needles for blouse designs

The needle in the blouse fabric, the general who uses it to create the design, should be very careful because the careless will tear the fabric, and the fingers will pierce it.

Fabrics can be re-stitched on torn sheets, but the design cannot be designed if the hands are pierced.

If you practice sewing with a needle for a long time, you will get better speed when designing.

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