Kundan Stones for Maggam Blouse and Aari Blouse

Kundan stones are widely used in beauty products. Kundan stones are available in many colours and sizes.

Kundan stones are widely used in blouses, saris, children’s clothes, and jewellery.

kundan stones
kundan stones

Kundan stones are available in two forms in the market.

  • 1. Using kundan stones to drive
  • 2. Kundan stones with adhesive

Available in two variants, such as

kundan stone
kundan stones

Kundan stones are available in a variety of sizes.

  • 4x6MM Drop Shape
  • 5x8MM Drop Shape
  • Eye Shape: 4x6MM,
  • 6MM Gold Round Shape,
  • Rectangle Shape, 3x7MM,
  • round shape, 3MM,
kundhan stones
kundhan stones
  • round shape, 4MM,
  • S-Shaped 10MM,
  • 4MM Square Shape
  • square shape, 5MM,
  • square shape, 6MM,
  • square shape, 8MM,
  • 7MM Triangle Shape
  • many more designs.

The kundan stones mentioned above are the most commonly used. Apart from these, many other types of stones are available on the market.

kundhan stones
kundhan stones
  • Thilagam stone
  • round stone
  • And many more.

Kundan stones are also available in off-colours and are purchased and used by blouse designers to match the colour of the design.

Stones should be stored in an airtight box with a golden frame.

kundhan stones
kundhan stones

During the design of the stones, the drive, the stitching, the high strength, and the beauty are added.

What is kundan jewellery?
Kundan is a modify of adornment prefabricated from gold, usually with a nucleus of wax. The term ‘kundan’ itself means highly civilised virtuous gold, and this identify of adornment generally involves 24k processed metallic. Kundan adornment holds commendation as one of the oldest forms of jewellery in Bharat with a prosperous heritage of over 2,500 years. Since 24 karats are a slight softer, a good adornment part cannot be prefabricated from it-only the jadayi relation is through in 24 karats, which is finally noted as kundan. The art of making kundan is also noted as jadau jewellery.

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Types of Kundan

Kundan adornment from India is near always sold in a set that includes a very elaborate necklace and a twosome of Kundan earrings from India, which are equally debonaire in their making affect.

Among the types of Kundan adornment, in acquisition to necklaces and earrings, there are also Kundan chokers, Kundan bracelets, Kundan rings, Kundan anklets, bracelets and separate accessories.

Now, we necessity to characteristic out erstwhile again that the most sold on the cyberspace or the most loved by many grouping, is that basic set that includes Kundan necklaces from Bharat and Kundan earrings from India.

What is Kundan Jelwery

As we said originally in this like article, Kundan jewellery from Bharat is a really book, very genteel, perfect-finished typewrite of jewelry that is manufactured in India, and since the Indian take business has been specified to pair as a highly tasteful and very valuable production in the intact world. Withal, below, we leave say you whatsoever deeper and specific information, and flatbottomed how it is manufactured and how Kundan jewelry is made from India.

When it comes to Kundan jewellery of Bharat, the earrings set out. Kundan earrings from Bharat, as we score mentioned before, are really general because they are shown by Screenland actresses in Indian films. Nevertheless, this identify of earrings beyond having been utilized by those renowned actresses, were created in a affect of complexness quite weak and highly pure that we faculty archer you beneath.

Kundan jewelry from Bharat is prefab by placing diamonds rattling delicately, cut in the finest and unworked, with multicolored gemstones. These stones are old in the Kundan earrings and in the put of the Kundan jewelry of Bharat, they are commonly multicolored and are created on a control of undefiled gilded with inside and intense designs.

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